- Mobile POS

Kmart – Mobile POS

  • Cash counters at Kmart gets crowded during peak sales such as Easter, Christmas.
  • Maintaining social distancing was challenging during pandemic.
  • Looking for modern retail solution across all the store formats.
  • RDEP Mobile Assisted Checkout is available for staff at 350 stores across Australia and New Zealand for both Kmart and KHub stores
  • Payments is done by a simple card tap on a device that fits on the palm of the store staff’s hand with a wireless card reader (“AP3”) by Quest Payment Systems
  • Staff are now empowered to engage customers at point of purchase with a fully mobile checkout experience
  • Customer interest in the app picked up and many wanted to be serviced by staff with the mobile checkout, giving better customer experience
  • Kmart diverted more than 25% of the customers to mobile checkouts, significantly improving their ability to bust queues at the cash counters
  • Kmart achieved significant benefits by increased the ability to handle 30% more orders and 20% more customers during the peak Christmas season
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