Smart Store

Through a CV-based, AI-powered mobile, handheld solution, store staff and/or FMCG/CPG-brand merchandize teams audit stores for OSA (on-shelf availability) compliance, PoG (planogram) compliance, VM (visual merchandising compliance), and promo/pricing compliance.

OSA compliance

Monitor shelves for stock levels.

Trigger alerts in case the quantity on-shelf drops below the threshold defined for the SKUs, or if the SKU is not facing/visible to the customer.

Assign compliance scores to identify top-performing and low-performing stores.

PoG compliance

Monitor store layout for category assignment compliance.

Trigger alerts in case the products are misplaced or if fixtures are not allocated as per the plan.

Provide compliance scores to identify top-performing and low-performing stores.

VM compliance

Monitor visual material in the stores to ensure compliance as per the plan.

Trigger alerts in case the VM material is improperly displayed, the shelves are not visible (due to lighting, placement, etc.) or if the price and promotion is not visible on the shelves.

Provide compliance scores to identify top-performing and low-performing stores.

Smart Store FAQs

How are the stores/shelves monitored?

There are multiple ways in which this can be done:

  • App-based image/video capture by the store staff or brand members
  • Continuous monitoring through a dedicated camera set-up in front of key shelves
  • Utilize the existing CCTV set-up, depending on the camera angle and quality

Is there a dependency on store staff for capturing images and videos?

While in most cases the store staff does take images and videos themselves, we do have partnerships with gig-economy workers who can contribute by capturing these images. Tasks and frequency are assigned based on the business need and the gig-workers execute these tasks. We have a mechanism to monitor the quality of content being fed to our backend in order to refine the output and insights delivered to the stakeholders.

What separates RDEP Smart Store solutions from others in the market?

While other rely solely on CV-based information, RDEP couples its Smart Store solution with the e-receipt solution. This allows our platform to not just monitor the shelves, but also adds the valuable information of product sales. This in turn strengthens the quality of data output because we’re no longer talking just visual, but we’re also backing it up with sales data in real time.

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