Mobile Self-Checkout

Customers can shop on their own mobile phones without having to line up at the cash counters, while being empowered with contextual messages and personalized product recommendations

Scan – Pay – Go

Allow your customers to scan items, make payment and walk out of the store without having to wait in long queues! 

Product recommendations

AI-powered product recommendations to up-sell and cross-sell to customers based on past purchase behaviour and current promotion campaigns 

Proximity marketing

Enable hyper-personalization – Push promotional content to customers when they are in the store

Configure promotions & coupons at an item, category and customer level

Omnichannel enablement

Allow customers to place orders from nearby stores in case of out-of-stock

Centralize your inventory and order management to optimize omnichannel fulfilment

Mobile Self-Checkout FAQs

How can customers access the self-checkout solution?

There are multiple ways in which customers can use the self-checkout solution:

  • Customers can download RDEP’s self-checkout application from the Play Store and/or App Store and use the app in select stores
  • RDEP can white-label the self-checkout capabilities within the retailer’s existing application through an SDK integration.
  • Browser-based self-checkout can be enabled by retailers to allow customers to experience convenience and personalization without having to download an external mobile application

How can the customer make payment on their own mobile device?

We work with leading payment gateway providers that are integrated into our platform. That being said, we prefer to partner with the PG used by the retailer so that the amount is credited directly into the retailer’s account.
An additional option is to disable payment on the self-checkout application so as to collect payment at RDEP’s mPOS application used by the store staff. This alleviates the apprehension of potential fraud in payment. Refer this video for the flow.

How can we ensure customer doesn’t walk out with more than they have paid for?

We understand this is a big blocker for implementing a solution like self-checkout. While we do not claim to ensure fraud-prevention, we have add-on solutions such as the Verifier application which verifies the QR code on RDEP’s smart e-receipt so as to ensure that the customer only walks out with the products they have paid for. This application typically resides with the security/exit personnel and displays the items as a part of the receipt – which the security can then scan and verify whether it is indeed part of the receipt.

How can the customers scan the products in the store?

The application leverages the customer’s mobile phone camera to scan the products. Once the customer enter the store and open the self-checkout app or browser, the application ties into the product catalog and inventory of that particular store. Once the barcode of any item in that store is scanned, the item details like price, name, discount, etc. is retrieved in real time and displayed on screen.

How is RDEP’s self-checkout solution different from other solutions in the market?

Largely, solution providers are either pushing kiosks or “just walk out” technologies.

  • Kiosks have their own set of challenges – it does not empower the customer the way a mobile application that resides on the customer’s mobile phone does. Moreover, they need to learn how to use the SCO kiosk, and invariably there is a queue at such counters – which is counterproductive.
  • Just Walk Out technologies like Amazon Go have a very high implementation cost not just in dollar value, but also the store infrastructure changes. RDEP’s mobile self-checkout is hardware-independent and does not require any changes in the store layout. We piggy back on the existing information and infrastructure to deliver superior customer experiences in the store.

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