RDEP offers next-gen store solutions

It enables retailers to serve their customers across all sale channels with a highly convenient and personalized shopping experience driven by intuitive design

Platform capability

Self Checkout Solution

Self-checkout solution with omnichannel & AI-based personalization engines

Mobile Assisted Checkout

Mobile assisted checkout empowering store staff to interact and engage with customers

Valuable Customer Insights

Valuable customer insights based on sales and purchase patterns across channels

Robust Store Insights

Robust reporting platform for intuitive insights into channel and product performance

Integrate with existing systems

Integrate with existing ERP & CRM systems for easy adoption

Manage Pricing and Promotions

Manage pricing, promotions, inventory distribution plans & more

Order Management

Visibility of end-to-end order tracking, delivery status and fulfilment

Single Data Source

Single data source for inventory across channels


Increasing Revenue


In repeat customer reducing customer churn


There is increase in new customers


In revenue by opening new channels for shopping

Improving Operational Efficiency


Marketing spend efficiency


Improvement in checkout time


More customers handled in a day

+50% Savings

 POS counter space on the sales floor