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Delivering superior customer experiences
RDEP – Retail Digital Experience Platform – aims to bring in a paradigm shift in the shopping experience of a consumer.
Our story started when we identified a gap in the retail segment. On one hand there are mom-and-pop stores – with the touch-and-feel and also highly personalized shopping experience since the shop owner knows the customer and his preferences. On the other end, there are e-com sites – the touch-and-feel component is missing, but they are highly data-driven, and the experience is personalized for every customer and convenience of shopping/purchase is ensured.
In the middle, there are organized and structured retail stores – they have the touch-and-feel of mom-and-pop stores, they have the scalability and reach of e-com as well. What they’re missing is the personalization and the convenience. ​This is where we feel that there is value that we can add to retailers that want to adapt to the evolving technology trends and, at the same time, retain their focus on the customer.

Meet The Team

Pavan Panchamukhi

Founder & CEO

Vikas Rathod


Sagar P

Sagar H P

Head of Customer Success

Guhesh Ramanathan

Fractional COO

Mohammed Rasheed

Product Manager

Pallab Kumar Sahoo

Technical Manager

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