Customer Interaction Center

Customer service tool which allows multi-source ticketing and easy response mechanisms to address customer complaints/concerns/feedback in an effective manner

Net promoter score

Display net promoter score at a store level and even across stores. Receive actionable information to improve in-store customer experience and reward high-performing stores

Multi-source ticketing

Import and view feedback from multiple channels – RDEP e-receipt, Google review, in-store feedback forms, e-mails, phone calls and more!

Single console for ticket resolution – create, assign, update and resolve customer tickets. Add notes & emails.

Unified customer profile

Integrations with POS and loyalty allow the CIC to consolidate customer information to prepare a unified 360-degree profile

Use the unified customer profile to deliver targeted marketing efforts with high ROI

Customer Interaction Center FAQs

How is the NPS determined?

While we do have our own in-house algorithms to determine NPS for a store, we prefer working closely with the retailer to understand which factors and parameters are most important for them to measure and monitor. Based on these collaborative efforts, we configure the NPS score metrics.

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