Mobile POS

Cloud-based handheld checkout application reducing queues and saving precious retail floor space, while equipping store staff to better serve customers at the point of purchase in a more efficient way.

Queue - busting

Eliminate queues in checkout counters by decentralizing the billing operation

Replace or reduce the space allocated to POS counters and set-up trial rooms, additional merchandize and more


Allow staff to access customer profile information on their fingertips to personalize the customer’s shopping experience

Information such as past purchases, loyalty information, trends and more allow the staff to engage the customer meaningfully in the store

Promotion management

Configure and apply discounts in real-time to suit your business needs through the console

Discounts can be given at an SKU-level, category-level, ticket-size level, customer-level, combinations, and much more!

Omnichannel enablement

Allow customers to place orders from nearby stores in case of out-of-stock

Centralize your inventory and order management to optimize omnichannel fulfilment

Take your store online – publish custom catalogs to loyal customers with the click of a button!

Mobile POS FAQs

What kind of payments are enabled on mPOS?

RDEP mPOS is payment mode-agnostic. We do not directly handle payments and we prefer to integrate with the retailer’s preferred payment providers. We have integrated multiple payment modes into our solution – cash, debit/credit card, wallet, loyalty redemption, coupon/voucher redemption, cheque, UPI and more.

What kind of retailers can implement mPOS solutions?

Retailers of any size and scale can implement our mPOS solution. Smaller stores can benefit by saving precious retail floor space, whereas larger, high-traffic stores can benefit by decentralizing the checkout operations and thereby improving store productivity. There are a range of benefits for each type of customers. In terms of segments, our solution is adaptable to various types of retailers – apparel, fashion & lifestyle, luggage, footwear, departmental, hypermarket, supermarket, and so on. Please reach out to us for any specific clarification.

Do we have to change our existing ERP and CRM systems to implement RDEP?

While we do have an ERP and CRM component as a part of our offering to small- to mid-sized retailers, it is our strong observation that change management is a major roadblock and apprehension while implementing a new solution. This is why we prefer to integrate into the existing ERP & CRM systems of the retailer to ensure rapid deployment, adoption and scale.

Can restaurants also use RDEP’s Smart Checkout solution?

Yes, we have a separately designed application for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés (HoReCa) – which includes KOT, table management, and interactive menus. For more details on the HoReCa solution, please reach out to us at

How does RDEP’s mPOS compete against other players in the market?

Most other mPOS players are utility oriented – focused solely on completing a transaction. RDEP adds value to the shopping process by empowering staff to approach customers anywhere in the store and initiate meaningful, engaging conversations that lead to higher basket size and value, and in turn improving customer retention. Completing the checkout process is a mere hygiene factor that we have built – the value lies in the ability to engage and interact with customers.

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