Smart interactive receipts that allow stores to engage with their customers post-purchase, enabling customers to provide feedback on the shopping experience, reach out to the store through calls/WhatsApp chat, access social media channels, and much more!

Plug & Play

API-driven solution allows easy plug-and-play

Browser-based solution requires no external application needs to be downloaded

Compatible with any POS system

Customer engagement

Get customer feedback on shopping experience – overall and item-level.

Display loyalty points and coupons within the receipt
Display and recommend products & promotions based on customer shopping patterns

Switch to digital

Save time & cost by switching from physical printed receipts to smart e-receipts

Become eco-friendly and more sustainable by opting for smart e-receipts

It is now time to forget how to:

– replace paper rolls in the printers

– allocate drawers and shelves to store receipts

– buy and maintain printers

Reach your customers

Enable customers to reach out to you via WhatsApp, Call or Email with a simple click

Showcase your social media channels

Allow customers to view all their past receipts in a single location

URL shortening

Make your e-receipt URLs encrypted, short and sweet, and easy to deliver to customers via SMS and WhatsApp 

E-receipt FAQs

How is the e-receipt delivered to the customer?
Receipts are sent as a link/URL through either SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail, based on the retailer’s preference.
How are RDEP e-receipts different from other e-receipts in the market?
Most e-receipt players in the market provide mere PDF copies of the physical receipt. RDEP’s e-receipt is much more than that. It is a post-purchase customer engagement tool in which the store and customer can interact with each other with valuable inputs and insights.
We understand it is natural that the customer may delete messages for whatever reason. The e-receipt is stored in an encrypted format on our cloud for a defined period of time, during which the store/retailer can resend the receipt to the customer.
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