For each module of the RDEP platform – smart checkout, smart engage, smart store – we provide a unified dashboard, reporting and admin console to the retailer to stay on top of their business.


High-level views of sales, product, customer, store trends to get a summary understanding of KPIs within the store 


Detailed, actionable reports to deep dive into each of the metrics, like device-level sales, payment media-wise reports, cashier productivity, store inventory levels, customer purchase history, deviation on planned vs actuals of on-shelf availability, and so on. 

Admin console

Create, view, update and delete configurations through a simple admin console.

Set-up stores, users, devices, payment media, receipt templates, products, inventory, discounts, and much more.

Analytics FAQs

How are the reports defined?
While we do have a set of pre-configured reports and insights, we provide a mechanism for retailers customize the fields included in the reports. This allows for dynamic reporting and easy access to crucial information
How is the access provided to the users?
Access is provided at the time of onboarding and the retailer can further add more users as per their license permissions. Users can be configured at a store level, region-level, and national-level with permissions assigned based on the role of the user.
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