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- Digital Receipt

Brand Factory – Digital Receipt

  • Customers frequently discard and lose their physical receipts, which made it challenging to ensure a smooth returns/exchange process
  • Post purchase, it was difficult for customers to reach out to the store for any clarifications or feedback
  • Retailers were unable to engage with their customers to understand their experience

RDEP digital receipt is a browser-based smart, interactive receipt that allows customers to:

  • Provide feedback on the shopping experience
  • Reach out to the store directly via WhatsApp, Call or email
  • View all historic purchases within the retail chain
  • Access social media handles of the retailer
  • Saved 100% costs on printed receipts
  • More than 2M digital receipts sent to customers in a span of 4 months
  • More than 1.75M customers engaged
  • More than 20% customers have provided feedback, helping stores to optimize customer experience
  • More than 30% customers have reached out to the store via WhatsApp, Call, Email
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