Platform capability

Self-checkout Solution

Offer seamless omni-channel experience to customers, by removing the boundaries of each channel and tapping into the potential of RDEP’s omni-channel engine

Shop in-store

Shop online from home

Click & collect

Shop across stores

Endless Aisle

Out of stock? Tap into the inventory of other stores,and even online channels

Customer Assistance

Use the “Ask Us” feature to get answers to frequently asked questions about

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the store, like “where is the trial room?” and “where is the toys section?”
Use the “Seek Assistance” feature to request in-person intervention from the store staff

Bust Queues

Less crowding at billing counters as more customers are empowered to

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complete most, if not all, of their shopping on their own mobile phones


Scan the barcode of items in the store with mobile camera and add

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them to your cart.
View all the applicable discounts on your phone to make an informed decision

Catalog Shopping

Robust catalogue with realtime inventory updates helps customers

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easily view desired merchandise.
View products available in the same store, or across all stores & channels

Hands-free shopping

Use just your voice to search for items in the catalogue.


Integrate all existing payment systems as per your choice

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– cards, wallets, loyalty points, coupons, gift vouchers, & many more!

Contextual Messaging

Send personalized and contextualized messaging to customers

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based on their geo-location in-store through pop-ups and push notifications and analyze marketing effectiveness

Customer Journey Mapping

Map your customers’ shopping journey to tailor your in-store design and marketing strategies

Personalized Recommendations

Suggest relevant products and offers through our

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AI/ML-based recommendation engine

Inventory Integration

Easily integrate inventory across stores, e-commerce, order fulfilment

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centres and warehouses through API-driven technology

Real-time order updates

Integrate seamlessly with existing POS systems and ecommerce

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channels. Real-time updates allows for efficient order fulfilment and inventory management